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Explosive Detection Sniffer Dogs

Explosives Detection Dogs at SpecialistK9 are deployed in many different situations to meet an increasing number of security challenges

Dog training to search luggage for drugs and bombs

Providing safe environments for companies, industries, businesses, organisations and charitable events is a standard concern. Large crowds of the general public and high profile figures can all benefit from our experience. Each explosives sniffer dog detects both bombs and small arms.

It is a stated fact that dogs have hundreds of millions of nose receptors that they can use. The dogs enjoy putting this ability to good use. During training, they hone their skills to become extremely useful, efficient and successful at what they do. When trained to detect explosives in bombs and small arms, they can identify specific scents even when surrounded by many stronger odours in the area.

You can safely plan to use SpecialistK9 trained dogs in crowded places to passively scan the environment and the people. When instructed to detect explosives they can alert finds immediately to their handler. Bomb explosives detection dogs work at concerts, sports events, shopping centres, markets, bus stations, train stations, arenas, and airports. All management and organisers of situations where the safety of the general public and staff is paramount understand the benefits of detection dogs.

Instruct us to provide a passive search dog who can remain on the lead at all times or a dog that can work off the lead – free running. A dog can work much faster alone, covering a large area of a crowded space quickly if required. They travel without hesitation through crowds, sniffing bags, bins and other obstacles in their way. Assure continued safety – free from explosives – at events with a high turnover and footfall.

Contact Us

We accept enquires for short and long-term contracts. We can supply and test a strategy that can provide dogs and handlers quickly and efficiently. If you have situations requiring rapid deployments too, then please contact us to obtain more detailed information from us.

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