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Dog Detection Services

Specialists in all aspects of Dog Detection services in the UK

Dog training to search luggage for drugs and bombs
Drug Detection Dogs

From care units to commercial premises, drug detection sniffer dogs work to detect illegal drugs. Drug Detection Dog Teams operate at hospitals, centres, offices, factories, nightclubs, universities, colleges, schools and other vulnerable group meeting spaces and workplaces.

Explosives Detection Dogs

Providing safe environments for companies, industries, businesses, organisations and charitable events is a standard concern. Large crowds of the general public and high profile figures can all benefit from our experience. Each explosives sniffer dog detects both bombs and small arms.

Firearm Detection Dogs

Firearm Detection Dogs at SpecialistK9 are deployed to seek and alert handlers to any firearm that has been cleaned and recently fired. Also detected by firearm detection dogs are loaded, empty or discharged firearm magazines, shells and shell casings. They could be brass and shotgun shells.

Dog training to search luggage for drugs and bombs
Human Smuggling Detection Dogs

Human Detection Dogs from SpecialistK9 are trained to detect all human scent to help enforcement agencies crack down on human smuggling. Each dog and handler follow world recognised standards. They locate and indicate all live people in many sites and situations.

Bed Bug Dog Detection

Bed Bug Detection Dogs from SpecialistK9 provide early evidence of bed bug infestation. Hotels, hospitals, care homes and universities use trained, approved and vetted bed bug detection dogs as part of their routine maintenance of their facilities and deep-clean schedule.

Tobacco Detection Dogs

Tobacco Detection Dogs from SpecialistK9 are suitable for HM Revenue and Customs work to detect tobacco smuggled at border controls. Organisations such as HM Prison Service and Federal Bureaus overseas benefit from detection dogs to locate tobacco smuggled into prisons.

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