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Explosives, Drug Detection & Mobile Patrols UK

Providing professional sniffer dog and dog security patrol services across the UK and Europe, our services are primarily used for searching and identifying drugs, explosives and human smuggling. Specialist K9 can supply drug detection, explosive detection and human detection dog teams, expert search advisor’s and/or full search teams.

Dog Detection Services

Specialists in all aspects of search dog supply & dog training services throughout the UK

Drug Detection Dogs

Drug Detection & Drug Sniffer Dogs are deployed in many different situations to meet a number of challenges.

Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosives Detection Dogs are deployed in many different situations to meet a number of security challenges.

Firearm Detection Dogs

Firearm Detection Dogs are deployed to seek and alert handlers to any firearm that has been cleaned and recently fired.

Tobacco Detection Dogs

Tobacco Detection Dogs are suitable for HM Revenue and Customs work to detect tobacco smuggled at border controls.

Human Detection Dogs

Human Detection Dogs are trained to detect all human scent to help enforcement agencies crack down on human smuggling.

Bed Bug Dog Detection

Bed Bug Detection Dogs provide early evidence of bed bug infestation, used in hotels, hospitals & care homes.


Mobile Dog Patrols

Mobile Dog Patrols from Specialist K9 provide scheduled detection patrols ideal for human smuggling detection, drug detection and tobacco detection.

Scheduled partols
Available nationwide
Cost effective services
Professional handlers

Dogs In Action

Our work speaks for itself, all our dog handlers are fully qualified and have years of experience with in the industry.

Luggage Inspections

Professional Luggage Inspections

Our dogs inspects various luggage items to help identify any hidden drugs or tobacco.

Vehicle Inspections

Professional Vehicle Inspections

Our dogs inspect various vehicles passing though a specific location to help identify any hidden humans, drugs or tobacco.

Mobile Dog Patrols

Mobile Dog Patrols UK

Using specialised patrol vehicles,  we provide a number of regular mobile dog patrols and inspections on various sites across the UK.

Qualifications & Accreditations

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